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    beach bitch

    a gay or bisexual man who frequents beaches or resorts for sexual encounters.

    dark room

    a darkened room in venues where sexual activity can take place. Also known as a backroom.


    a darkened room in venues where sexual activity can take place. Also known as a dark room.

    batty boy

    a slang term originating in Jamaica for a gay or effeminate man. Considered offensive.


    an individual who frequents gay saunas.

    gay sauna

    a place where gay and bisexual men can use saunas and bathing facilities where sexual encounters may occur.


    in gay slang, gay saunas frequented by gay and bisexual men for sexual encounters.


    a slang term for a gay or bisexual man who is very good at fellatio.


    an act of oral sex upon a penis and/or testes.

    blager trade

    a Polari term for seeking sex with a stranger. See also: trade.

    cleaning the kitchen

    a Polari term for anal or oral sex.

    the colour of his eyes

    a Polari term meaning “penis size” – e.g. “What was the colour of his eyes?”


    a Yiddish term for a person of Chinese descent, adopted into Polari slang to describe a Chinese man. Highly offensive.


    a Yiddish slur for a black person, that was adopted into Polari as a slang term for a black man. Highly offensive.

    beef curtains

    a Polari term for the labia.


    a Polari term for a person’s vulva and pubic hair.


    a Polari term for an uncircumcised penis. A circumcised penis is termed roundhead.


    a Polari term for a circumcised penis; an uncircumcised penis is termed cavalier.

    nada to vada in the larder

    a Polari term for a ‘small penis’, literally translated to ‘nothing to see in the pants’.


    a Polari term meaning “sexy, attractive”, and also “to gossip”, as well as meaning “anus”. For example, that man is a bit of a dish. What? You hooked up with him? Oh, dish the dirt – what was his dish like?


    a Polari term describing the bulge of male genitals through clothes. See also: basket shopping.

    chick with a dick

    a pejorative term to describe transgender women who have a penis.


    a term associated with the Far East to describe a transgender or transsexual woman; typically, but not exclusively, one that has a feminine appearance, has breasts and has a penis. Due to its association with sex-work and pornography, the term can be problematic for many transsexual and transgender people, although others may wear the identity…


    a thin pouch that prevents STIs and pregnancy by preventing bodily fluids from the penis (such as semen) from entering the orifice (opening) in which it is placed (e.g. a vagina, an anus, a mouth), and vice-versa, by preventing fluids from the opening from entering the penis. There is a male condom (which is typically…

    vaginal sex

    a form of sexual intercourse that involves penetration of the vagina by a penis, or an object (such as a sex toy).

    sexual intercourse

    a sexual act that involves penetration; e.g. a penis, or a sex toy, being inserted into a vagina or anus.

    swingers party

    also known as a partner-swapping party, a swinger party is an event in which swingers can engage in sexual activity with others as a social or recreational activity.


    an orgy is a form of group sex consisting of at least five participants, where the guests engage freely in sexual activity with one another.

    sex party

    an event in which numerous individuals gather for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with one another; such as an orgy or a swingers party.

    group sex

    a term referring to sexual activity that takes place between three or more people. Some examples may include orgies, threesomes, swingers parties or sex parties.

    corrective rape

    the highly damaging idea that an individual can be “cured” of their sexuality or gender identity through rape. The intended consequence of corrective rape is to force the victim to conform to a heteronormative standard through forced sexual contact. It is prevalent worldwide, but is often found in conservative and/or deeply religious countries where homosexuality…


    a form of anal sex, in which man‘s anus is penetrated with an artificial penis; typically a strap-on dildo, and typically by a woman or a person without a penis.


    as a verb, it is a term similar to sodomise, which generally means to commit a sexual act that is not vaginal intercourse between a man and a woman, most often when referring to anal sex. As such, it became used as a noun to refer to people who committed buggery (much like an equivalent…

    oral sex

    sexual activity that involves the stimulation of a person’s genitalia with one’s mouth, lips or teeth.

    anal sex

    a sexual act that involves penetration of the anus. Whilst the practice is commonly associated with men that have sex with men (and as such, formed the basis of many anti-gay buggery and sodomy laws and religious teachings), anal sex also forms part of the variety of sexual activities taken by opposite-sex couples and same-sex…

    power bottom

    in a gay slang, a power bottom is a bottom (“the receiver”) during sexual intercourse who is in charge or likes to be dominant.

    sexually active

    a term that is used in medicine particularly, to describe individuals who have engaged in sexual activity; this is not simply vaginal penetrative sex, but includes oral and anal sex, and other sexual behaviours such as manual sex (hand jobs, fingering, etc). The term is vague and can be misinterpreted: an individual who has had…


    A gay slang term for lesbian sex; “bumper” referring to a vagina.


    a term referring to people in committed relationships, where typically both individuals within said relationship also enjoy casual sex with other people, typically, but not exclusively, with other people in committed relationships that are also into swinging. People who enjoy swinging are known as swingers. Swinging is a form of open relationship and non-monogamy that…


    a swinger is somebody who engages in swinging; that is, a lifestyle in which people in committed relationships engage in casual sexual acts with other people, often but not always, with other people also in relationships. It is not to be confused with polyamory.


    a sexual act between three people of any gender.


    in same-sex male activity, the dominant partner is the top, the “giver”. In BDSM, the dominant partner (“dom”) is the partner that exercises authority and will over the submissive partner (“sub”).


    a Polari term for sex, or someone you have had, or are going to have, sex with – particularly if the sex is on a casual basis.  For example, “I brought someone home last night, but the trade left before I woke up this morning”. 


    gay slang for Queer men who will not give oral sex.


    a Queer man who enjoys being urinated on for sexual gratification.


    gay slang for homosexual sex between men, a play-on-words from the euphemism for sex which is rumpy-pumpy. Related: bumper to bumper

    ring snatcher

    gay slang; a sexually-active man who has sex with men, particularly one who is the top (the “giver”).

    lucky Pierre

    in an all-male threesome, the guy who is in the “middle”, who is both giving and receiving.

    ice cream

    a Queer slang term for an individual so sweet that you want to lick them.

    girl scout

    a gay slang term for a military man on leave that is seeking sex with other men.

    full house

    a pejorative term for an individual who has more than one sexually transmitted infection at once.

    eyeball queen

    gay slang for an individual who derives pleasure from voyeurism – that is, watching other people having sex or in a state of undress.


    British Queer slang for hooking up in public toilets.

    basket shopping

    Polari term for checking out someone’s ‘private areas’ through their clothes.


    a public area frequented by men looking to have sexual relations with other men, typically ones that are discreet in order to serve closeted MSMs.


    shortened version of poofter, a British equivalent of the word faggot (and, as such, fag). A divisive term that is considered by some to be highly offensive, whilst others have reclaimed it to some success.


    a chiefly British antigay slur that is also common in Australia and New Zealand, often shortened to poof; and, particularly in Britain, is seen as severe as the word faggot. Still, however, the word is in the process of being reclaimed in much of the Queer community, particularly in its shortened form poof; such as…


    short for sodomite, the term is primarily used in Britain but not usually to describe homosexuals. Although it started off as an anti-gay slur, sod in general parlance has many different meanings, often used as a milder substitute for the word fuck or twat (e.g. “sod off”, “sod all”, “cheeky sod”).

    fag stag

    a heterosexual man who usually, or exclusively, surrounds themselves with gay and bisexual men and/or prefers to involve themselves in gay culture and the gay scene. The male equivalent to fag hag. The term has been used both pejoratively and endearingly.

    fag hag

    in gay slang, a fag hag is a woman – usually a heterosexual, cisgender woman – who surrounds themselves with gay and bisexual men, such as having friends that are mostly or exclusively men who have sex with men, or spends their time in gay clubs, gay venues and is heavily involved in gay culture….


    shortened version of the insult faggot. Highly problematic and divisive, its usage should be exercised with extreme caution and shouldn’t be used by non-Queer people to describe Queer people. Some Queer people have embraced the word and reclaimed it to some success, using it in pro-Queer propaganda, events, etc. Fag became a trivial, widely-used insult…


    one of the most offensive slurs used against the Queer community. Its original meaning meant “a bundle of sticks used to start a fire” that began to become a popular, insulting way to describe homosexual and bisexual+ men, particularly in North America; and soon spread to describe anybody Queer as a whole;,including people who are…


    an offensive, pejorative term for Queer men that are effeminate that has come to be used as an insult to gay men as a whole (playing on the stereotype of gay men as effeminate). Reclaimed by some sections of the gay community, whilst others reject the term as they do not want their sexuality to…


    a slang term that was traditionally aimed at transvestites, cross-dressers and Drag Queens, but by association because slang for transsexuals and other transgender individuals and is now considered to be an offensive slur in the transgender community. However, the term still has prominence – although waning – in cisgender, cross-dressing/transvestite circles (such as those involving…


    in Queer culture, somebody who is versatile is someone who is willing and enjoys to be either the top or the bottom during sexual intercourse.


    in Queer male slang, the bottom is an individual who prefers to “receive” rather than “give” during intercourse (as opposed to a top).


    in Queer male culture, a top is an individual who prefers to be dominant in a sexual dynamic; the “giver” in sexual intercourse, as opposed to a bottom who is the “receiver”.


    an initialism for bondage, discipline/dominance, submission/sadism and masochism. A form of sexual activity in which arousal is gained from activities and practices involving power-play between a servant and master.

    unicorn hunters

    Queer slang for predominantly opposite-sex couples who seek out bisexuals (typically women) that will engage in sexual activity with both partners, together and/or both singularly, without placing any demands or inconvenience on the relationship. So called “unicorn hunters” because, apparently, such bisexuals are mythical or rare (like unicorns).


    the imagery of the unicorn has been closely associated with Queer culture for a long time, particularly unicorns with rainbow manes and tails. In Queer slang, a unicorn is also a bisexual person – typically female – that is willing to join an existing couple (predominantly an opposite-sex couple) for sex and fun (either together,…


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