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the dislike, contempt or ingrained prejudice against women: it can be as extreme as outright hatred or aversion, or more subtle, such as sexist beliefs or attitudes that consider women to be lesser than men.

Misogynistic thinking may be as explicit as having the belief that women are incapable of self-determination and need men to live a fulfilled life, of lesser intelligence to men, or that they exist in order to serve men or provide certain duties for them (e.g. to provide them with offspring, to provide domestic duties for them, to provide sexual satisfaction to men).

Misogynistic thinking can be a lot more subtle, such as subconsciously underestimating a woman’s ability to do things, which may lead to assuming the male candidate is more equipped or better-able to perform a job (e.g. in a position of power or politics), despite all things being equal; or the objectification of women in which their qualities are based in relation to traits not looked for in men: e.g. their looks or appearance – such as offering a job to a woman because they’re sexually attractive.

Originally published: 4th December, 2020
Last modified: 4th December, 2020