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For more information about submissions, please read the above guidelines and click here.

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What is Lexicon Library.LGBT?

Lexicon Library.LGBT is an online library of the vast vocabulary of terminology you’ll find in the Queer community – from terms referring to sexuality, gender and sex, Queer health, slang, and concepts.

Terminology in the Queer community is important: they represent ways of conveying information about ourselves to each other and to non-Queer individuals to help foster understanding. The Queer community is diverse, and as such, so are the words we use.

It’s important to note, however, that certain terms also have diverse meanings and sometimes they are not usually agreed on. We have attempted to reflect the diversity in this, but we have also had to make editorial decisions, particularly when it comes to terminology that is controversial, or for which there is no real universal definition.

Included within our Lexicon Library are a vast range of Queer identities, but it is important to note that it would be nearly impossible for us to be able to keep up with the vast array of them, particularly when it comes to sexual and gender identities which may be considered niche, such as ‘pocket sexualities’ and ‘pocket genders’ which are used by a small number of people.

Any decision not to be publish these identities is, by no means, a reflection on the validity of such identities. Sexualities and experiences of gender are very much unique, and as such, there can be no authority on the validity of such identities and we recognise that. We simply want to present a lexicon of common or notable identities, or terminology which is relevant to Queer topics, or are an important part of our history.

As such, our selection criteria across Library.LGBT is uniform, and in regards to our lexicon library:

Some terminology may be problematic, particularly when it comes to Queer slang, or definitions which may cause a degree of controversy and debate. Terms that are highly problematic – such as those that may be triggering or offensive – have been labelled as such, and terminology that deals with ‘mature themes’ (such as those relating to sex) have been marked ‘mature’, and will, by default, be blurred.

Whilst we want our online Library to be accessible for all ages, there are certain topics which it would be wrong to simply ignore or not include because they may not be age-appropriate, and as such, we think we have found a worthwhile compromise.

As with any language, the meanings of words – and the language around them – change, evolve, and adapt along with society. As such, we have committed to keeping our definitions regularly updated. However, it may be that some of the terminology used as since fallen out of favour, and we would welcome community input – via the email below – in ensuring our definitions follow best practice and are considerate of the often-complex issues surrounding Queer topics.


For more information about submissions, please read the above guidelines and click here.