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an individual who wears the clothes of another gender/sex. Such individuals may not identify as transgender or nonbinary, they may consider themselves cisgender. They may, or may not, label themselves a transvestite. Crossdressers may also have separate personas and/or names for when they are cross-dressing; this may not take the form of drag either.

People cross-dress for a range of reasons, including for relaxation, fun or sexual gratification. Some transgender individuals do discover their identity through cross-dressing (as well as other forms of gender variant expression), but it is important to conflate being transgender or nonbinary with cross-dressers or cross-dressing (that is, not to refer to transgender or nonbinary people as “crossdressers”.

Usage Notes

It is important not to refer to transgender and nonbinary individuals as cross-dressers.

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Originally published: 16th July, 2020
Last modified: 16th January, 2022