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an adult male person; a gender identity, that may also be used in conjunction with other identities – such as a bisexual man, a gay man, an asexual man, etc.

Men typically have male sex characteristics. A cisgender man is a man who was assigned male at birth, a Trans man is a man who was assigned female at birth.

An intersex man is a man who was born with sex characteristics that do not fit typical notions of male biology, and as such, some may have had “corrective surgery” performed on them whilst young to “normalise” their body into being typically male (that is, to look ‘typical’ of what an endosex male body would look like).

However, men may not have typical male sex characteristics, and still be cisgender and endosex (for example, a man who cannot produce sperm).

People who were known to be mwn, and identified as such, may no longer identify as women: such as Trans women, or nonbinary people.

Originally published: 7th December, 2020
Last modified: 7th December, 2020