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an umbrella term for individuals that are born with sexual, reproductive, anatomical or chromosomal traits that are outside of the “typical” male/female sex binary. There is a wide range of intersex variations (previously referred to as ‘disorders of sex development‘). 

Individuals with intersex variations have been forced into becoming “anatomically correct” (that is, “typical” by social and medical standards) males or females through invasive, corrective surgeries as infants; for example, surgeries on their genitals to give the appearance typical of men and women. Increasingly, governments across the world are making corrective surgery illegal.

People that have intersex variations have diverse gender identities and sexualities – that is, an intersex individual’s gender or sexual orientation exists distinct from their intersex status. Like endosex people, there are many cisgender and heterosexual individuals, as well as people with intersex variations who identify as being Queer in their gender or sexuality.


inter ("between, amid") + sex



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Originally published: 18th July, 2020
Last modified: 13th January, 2022