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ze, zir

a set of gender neutral pronouns, although far less common than they/them. Nonbinary individuals may opt for the ze/zir pronouns instead of he/him or she/her.

Ze sometimes appears as zie. Both are pronounced as “zee”. Zir is pronounced like “sir” but with a “z”.

It is related to sie/hir, and the pronouns may be used in combination, e.g. “ze/hir”, “sie/zir”, rather than “sie/hir” or “ze/zir”.

Pronoun Usage:

  • ze (“ze will be marching in the Pride Parade tomorrow”);
  • zir (“that Pride Flag belongs to zir”);
  • zir (“zir sense of style is remarkable”);
  • zirs (“that Pride Flag is zirs”);
  • zirself (“Jay danced by zirself”).

Originally published: 16th July, 2020
Last modified: 16th July, 2020