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A sexual orientation where an individual is attracted to ‘all’ genders, or regardless of gender.

Sometimes synonymous with omnisexual, although a distinction is often drawn that pansexuality is a “gender-blind” attraction to all genders, whereas omnisexuality is a “gender conscious” attraction to all genders.

Some proponents of the term suggest that pansexual is more inclusive than bisexual, because it encompasses, by its definition of “all”, an attraction to transgender and nonbinary people – although this may wrongly suggest that bisexual people’s attractions are limited to cisgender men and women.

Such a distinction is fiercely disputed by many members of the bisexual community, who insist that bisexuality in itself has always been inclusive of nonbinary and transgender people; especially as that before the pansexual identity became prevalent in common parlance, gender non-conforming, nonbinary and transgender people have also identified as bisexual and have been in relationships with bisexual-identified people.

Essentially, it is a personal preference to identify as pansexual or bisexual, and many bisexuals and pansexuals will use the terms interchangeably. Pansexuality falls under the bisexual+ umbrella.

Originally published: 17th July, 2020
Last modified: 12th January, 2022