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an individual whose sexuality is somewhere on the asexual spectrum between asexual and allosexual; that is, that their asexuality isn’t “black or white”.

As such, grey-asexuality and greysexuals encompasses a wide variety of experiences and therefore definitions.

Demisexual is an example of a greysexual identity, although demisexual is more specific in that it is a lack of sexual attraction except when there is a strong emotional and romantic bond formed; this may not be the case with other greysexual people, whose capacity and potential for sexual attraction may be dependent on something else or different to the demisexual definition.

Can be used in combination with other identities, for example, homoromantic/greysexual.

There is a -romantic equivalent, greyromantic.

Originally published: 5th January, 2021
Last modified: 15th January, 2022