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an asexual spectrum identity, in which individuals experience arousal at the thought of sexual behaviours, but experience no or little sexual attraction towards other people, or someone who experiences sexual attraction, but does not want to participate in sex; for example, an individual may masturbate, watch pornography or watch other sexual content, but still not desire to engage in sexual behaviours with other people.

This may manifest in a myriad of ways, for example, an aegosexual individual may fantasise about watching other individuals engage in sex, and not about in engaging in it themselves.

Aegosexuality was previously known as autochorisexual, a term coined by Dr. Anthony Bogaert, a psychologist that specialised in human sexuality; however, it was considered a kind of psychological disorder (along with asexuality in general). Whilst some within that identity attempted to reclaim the term, others felt uncomfortable with the negative connotations, and aegosexual was coined by a Tumblr user named Sugar-and-Spite.


a (without) + ego (myself) + sexual



Originally published: 6th February, 2022
Last modified: 6th February, 2022