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an individual whose sexuality fluctuates rapidly and/or with great intensity, often with the implication that it often feels the sexuality itself changes. Because the implication is that the sexualities involved cover more than one gender, abrosexual is often included under the bisexual+ umbrella.

Many bisexual+ individuals experience a degree of fluidity or fluctuations in their attractions, for example, going through a stage where their attractions gravitate more towards a certain gender or gender expression than another, and may not necessarily mean that they are abrosexual (for example, a bisexual person may find they go through a period of time where they are strongly drawn to people of the same gender).

The difference between this fluctuation may be that it is so rapid compared to other fluctuations, and/or that it is so intense that it almost feels as if they are no longer one sexuality but another – for example, a person who finds they rapidly and/or intensely fluctuate between exclusive or primary attraction to the same gender (e.g. being gay or lesbian), to exclusive or primary attraction to a different gender (e.g. being straight), or even between those and being attracted without consideration for gender (e.g. bisexual, pansexual, etc), to the point where each label feels temporary.

Originally published: 20th July, 2021
Last modified: 6th February, 2022