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In Queer contexts, a gender identity or sexual orientation in which one’s sense of self or attraction changes dynamically, rather than remains static.

For example, in gender identity, genderflux refers to an individual whose sense of gender identity fluctuates and changes over time. In bisexual+ identities, this could refer to the changing levels of attraction one has over one gender than another; for example, one could find themselves more attracted to one gender than another for a period of time, and find that such levels change on a shifting basis.

One should not consider fluctuating sense of self or attraction as evidence that static, firm identities do not exist, nor should they view them as evidence that non-cishet identities are phases. Just because one’s gender identity or sexual attractions may be fluid, does not mean that everybody else’s are.

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Originally published: 4th December, 2020
Last modified: 4th December, 2020