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the intolerant, unreasonable and determined devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudice, particularly against a particular group or community, often with hatred and intolerance, and with a refusal to entertain conflicting evidence or opinions.

Someone who is bigoted to the Queer community may refuse to even entertain the notion that their anti-Queer beliefs are wrong or based on faulty reasoning: for example, an individual may try to justify their prejudice on the basis of superstition (e.g. because of their religion). A bigot may assert that sexual activity between people of the same gender is wrong or unnatural without any evidence whatsoever to support it; similarly, a bigot may assert that transgender identities are merely the result of mental illness or are not legitimate, based solely on their own beliefs and opinions, with no interest in what medical or psychological experts have to say.

Originally published: 13th December, 2020
Last modified: 13th December, 2020